New Book – Awaken: 100 Questions To Expand Your Mind and Open Your Heart

I am very excited. My new book Awaken: 100 Questions To Expand Your Mind and Open Your Heart is now available. Over the last 4 months this has been one of my projects I have really focused on. The power of intention and attention are manifested in this book. My daily intention is to spread light and love, consciousness and compassion out into the world. This book comes from all the attention I have put into asking questions that promote and encourage positive changes in the way people think, feel and take action in the world.

I feel very positive about the quality of the questions and have no doubt that if you explore them, you will be a more expanded human being.  The journey of life is a long and winding road and it helps to have a positive mind filled with inspiration and an open heart full of courage,

Here are five ways this book will enhance your life significantly: 

If you are interested in expanding the possibilities of your life then this book will ask you just the questions to set you on a clear path for fulfilling your dreams.
If you want to expand your capacity for compassion and be a more conscious human being these 100 questions in this book will assist you in doing so.
If you are a seeker of personal freedom, these questions and hints will offer you the opportunity to set yourself free.
If finding your own truth is important to you, this book will help you discover what your truths are and inspire you to live them.
If you find that life sometimes gets off course, you get too busy, or off center, this book will act as a compass to get you heading in the right direction.

I know you will want to rush out and get one, but you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.  My book is available at Amazon and it can be in the mail and on the way to you shortly. 

This book would be excellent if you work with groups of people and want to encourage meaningful conversations.

I really look forward to your comments and to hear how beneficial this book is for you and your life.