The Call

This is not the time to timidly walk the planet in self-doubt. We as humans have spent too much time holding ourselves back. 

We don’t question our thoughts and beliefs so they run us. What limits us, is not the outside world but the inside limitations we enforce with our thinking.

The ego has dominated the workings of humanity for most of our time on the planet. This ego force - and farce - has been the source of all human suffering. Yet this ego is but an imaginary mind creation set for self-sabotage, routed in the primal mind of fear and survival. It’s the juice of fight or flight.

Still we turn away from the inner knowing that invites us to be free of the thoughts and beliefs that hold us back. It seems we have become attached to the limits we think are ours. We won’t let go of our fears, the ones we don’t deny. They provide us an excuse, a way to explain our lack of commitment to anything other than just getting by. This is a path of mediocrity and we settle for that.

Have you had enough? Are you ready to set yourself free?

It’s time to be open, to be aware and to follow the deeper wisdom inside. Intuitively you have all the guidance you need. That inner voice of knowing has its roots in the infinite and eternal, sourced at the Source.

It’s time to explore:

What you can be aware of?

How do you open further to universal love?

Where do you reside in the infinite now?

What matters to your soul?

How can you align with the endless grace that surrounds you?

How do you honor the beauty that is everywhere and inside?

How do you walk the Earth in peace and presence?

How do you move from defining yourself by doing to living your fullness by being?

How do you drop below the chaos of the mind to find the stillness that is waiting?

Where do you and the vastness of the universe intersect?

Where is the effortlessness, the going with the flow?

Are you the captain of your own ship or are you adrift?

When will you be ready to question everything? Now or later? Will later be soon enough?

How will you align with nature to allow its mentoring?

How will you explore silence to welcome its knowing?

Where is the place in you where we are all one?

Who are you beyond your limiting story?

When will you acknowledge the fears that hold you back and boldly step past them?

How will you awaken your extreme intense desire for liberation?

What if the world needed you now more than ever to be at the full force of your light and love - how we would you make that happen?

When will you join with the love, joy, peace and freedom that are always waiting for you in the now?

Lots of questions and they are essential to setting you free.

Jump at this opportunity to move from the limited version of you to the unlimited possibilities waiting in you to be expressed.

Freedom to create the life you want is available today if you commit to being aware.  It is. Do you want to give it a try?

Here’s a simple premise to be followed by a simple practice:

Premise – You are without limits. Your potential is endless. You can do or become anything you want. All you have to do is get out of your own way. That means you have to watch your thoughts, feel your feelings and be aware enough to change what’s going on inside that holds you back.

Your thoughts are both the creator and the source of all your limits. Those thoughts are not real but part of a long conditioning process called life. The goal is to drop the past limits and be free in the now.

Practice – The only practice that is of endless value is to find the quiet inside. Be in the stillness that is within you. Once quiet let yourself go where awareness takes you.

This is not a doing but a being. This is also not something you figure out but more of you letting the voice of intuition/consciousness/soul/awareness guide you. Let the vastness of the Universe be who you are in this practice.

How can I assist you answering this call?