What If With One Simple Movement Your Life Changed Forever?

Recently after a peaceful and contemplative day I was doing Tai Chi when an extraordinary thing happened. I was extending my arms outwards as if to expand myself into oneness with the Universe and I spontaneously went into an altered state.

This experience of altering my state has happened in the past - compliments of my inner practices. The difference is this state stayed. Usually these experiences last for at most a few hours. This expanded viewpoint of oneness remained through the night and is still present as I write this.

My understanding of why this oneness has remained is that lately I have been reading about people who live in expanded states and now I see that is possible. So this time I am remaining open. The person that is me is keeping out of the way of the vastness I experience.

I am feeling that vastness as I write this.

Now the challenge is to attempt to put into words what seems hardly definable from the vantage point of thoughts and ordinary mind. The following are descriptions, words, ideas, impression etc. as I make an attempt at sharing with you what I am experiencing:

The “I” that is me is a quiet memory.

There is a oneness this awareness (“me”) experiences in this moment with all life.

There is a deep sense of peace.

There is a vastness this awareness is experiencing that is infinite and eternal.

This feels like awareness and union with everything.

The joy is endless.

There is a sense of total freedom.

This being of awareness feels both the vastness and the chair supporting this body.

There is a quiet peaceful vibration this being is aware of inside and around

When the ordinary mind comes in to interpret, it quickly is replaced by a higher mind state to keep thoughts from shrinking the expansion.

The awareness feels like pure awareness filled with light, surrounded by grace, in the presence of endless love.

This awareness senses anything and everything is possible; there are no limits.

Everything in the natural world seems vibrant and beautiful.

Just being in this moment seems forever fascinating.


This awareness that is writing will share with you more as I understand more.

Peace and love to you - the kind that never ends and fills you with joy.