Life Lessons Keep Getting Better

Today I want to share with you about the evolution I am going through as I move into fully creating my life and income free of the dependence of working for others. I share this with two hopes in mind: 1. That you will gain awareness about your own journey in ways that eliminate barriers to the success you desire. 2. That as I write about my journey I will gain further insight into how I can more fully set myself free of any self-limits.

Lately a series of lessons have been presenting themselves to me that are important in my own growth and evolution. The following four life lessons may be of great value to you:

This first lesson is one I keep learning: when I write about what is going on for me, I always get clearer about the process I am going through. So when you get stuck, start writing about it because it moves the chaos of your thoughts into a form you can better evaluate and adjust. I always learn something new when I write things out. I make connections I haven’t made before. I see things from a fresh or different angle. I am able to shed more light on places in me that are in need of the light of higher consciousness. When I write for insight, I bring more awareness into everything.

The second lesson is becoming very clear: I need to find my own voice in creating this new life for myself. That voice is uniquely me and has to be free of trying to do it right, or of the need for approval.  In finding my unique expression, which is the collection of my life experiences and insight, I have something genuine to share that will be of benefit to others.  This is also about fine-tuning my message. I have much to give and it needs to be offered with clarity, passion, and a lightness of being that touches the souls of those who want to be reached. My voice, my message must say with brightness and aliveness that what I have is just what you need. I undersell so I need to step bigger into speaking with enthusiasm. This is a lesson that keeps giving.

The third lesson is one I know to be true but keep moving past it by doing stuff instead of just being: The busier I get the more important it is that I spend quiet time. My quiet time is an endless stream of nourishment, inspiration and energy.  By quiet time I mean: taking time to daily to practice meditation and mindfulness; taking time for quiet walks just being present; each day noticing and appreciating the beauty of nature around me; caring for my body as a temple of my divine nature; and living with an open heart even in the face of my judging mind. I love the peace of stillness and giving myself the pleasure of being quiet is great kindness.

The fourth lesson is clearer today than ever before: I am the creator of my life, not the creation of my thoughts and beliefs. I have worked with people for years as a therapist assisting them to examine their thoughts and beliefs. There is never-ever an end to that examining of your or my thoughts and beliefs. I am the creator of all my thoughts, beliefs and feelings. No one ever makes me think anything, feel anything or believe anything. I am always at the level of choice since I am the creator not the creation.  In truth, I can absolutely create anything I want. Try this on: I am the creator of the creation I call my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I can therefore change anything in my creation that limits me.

*Update here at my blog* As you can see there are many changes going on. These changes are still happening and will come together more in the next few weeks. However changes will always be going on here because it is a reflection of ongoing growth, of new insights and awareness and the exploration of how to do what I do even better so I can better assist you in creating the life you want.

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Love and peace to you.