Making Your Relationships Important

If you are truly interested in building powerful relationships in your life there are important guidelines that will make a huge positive difference. I trust you will find these ideas very helpful for both those you love and for your relationship with those you work with and those who are your clients. The following essentials will lead to meaningful and valued relationships:

* All relationships are greatly affected by the quality of your heart. If your heart is guarded and protected, your connection to others will be limited. If fear guides how you connect to others, you won’t significantly connect to most people.

If your heart is open, if you have compassion for those around you, then people will want to connect. Everyone appreciates loving-kindness in his or her life.  Your open heart is the doorway into connecting at a deep level. This is no limit to the hearts capacity to bring love into all relationships.

* If you want to connect in a significant way with others, you must be able to accept them as they are. No one wants to be judged by you especially critically. Relationships built on the idea that you can change the other person are doomed to be frustrating and most likely to fail.

The judging mind needs to be transformed to a respectful and accepting mind if building healthy relationships matter to you. Acceptance is saying I want to have a relationship with you just as you are.

* You have to show up for a relationship to work. Many people related to others on a more superficial level and with little or no genuine interest in who they are interacting with. This lack of real contact means there is only a superficial exchange which is not a relationship. 

Showing up means you are fully present when you related to others. That means you are hearing and feeling what the other person is saying. You are listening with compassion not just in waiting for your turn to talk. Being fully present to another is a wonderful gift.  It is a gift of the heart and ones that keeps giving and receiving.

* This final relationship essential is the realization that those you are in relationship with are not separate from you. This means, “All of us are connected to each other.” “There is a little of everybody in you.”

When you help lift a person up, inspire them, give them encouragement, you are also lifted up, inspired and encouraged. If you treated others with kindness and respect they will treat you the same way. If those you connect with are expanding in their minds and opening in the hearts you too also become a more expansive person.

A quick easy relationship reminder is: 

Open and Accepting heart

Focused in the Now

Realizing Your Oneness with all

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