5 Super Expansive Beliefs That Will Change Your Life Forever

This post and the one Thursday are focused on inviting more out of all those on our new email list and those that stop by to read my blog.  Following this post and previous one, I will share more about how to integrate the ideas I am writing about. I have already planned to do brief videos over at YouTube.com on the 21 ideas I shared in my last post.  But before you and I get too busy exploring these ideas I wanted to invite you to take a step on the wild side of your mind and venture into 5 super beliefs you can explore today that will forever change how you view yourself and the world:

  1. You Are Infinite and Eternal – You are here for a brief stop called Life. Who you truly are has always existed and will continue to exist for eternity. You are the divine source of all creation poured into human form. After this life you will rejoin the source of who you are.
  2. You Are In The Universe, The Universe Is In You – The next time you are feeling lonely or small try this idea on for size: you are not only in the Universe, all the Universe is within you, yes that means all life and all the stars. Did you know the Universe is ever expanding and so are you?
  3. Your Hearts Is Unlimited – There is no limit to your capacity to love. That means you don’t have to hold back, you can love everyone as much as you want all the time. You can be as compassionate and kind as you want to be and still have more to give. You could love and accept yourself and everyone on the planet.
  4. You Were Born With Genius – You are wired with a particular genius that is unique to you. That genius is available to you so you can make a difference in the world. What this waiting greatness is, is up to you to find out. The exploration of your genius will enrich your life in so many ways.  Your genius fully expressed is your greatest gift to humanity and the planet.
  5. Right Now Everything Is Possible For You – The now is where the action is, where absolutely everything is possible. As you bring yourself fully into the present moment, you open to the power of creating what matters to you. Sit now in this moment and with your mind’s eye imagine what it is that you want to give birth to in the world? If you can see it and believe it the Universe will jump into gear to help make it happen.

Think expansively, imagine without limits, love with abandon, express your genius with great creativity, and step into the eternity of the now and bless us all with “you being you” as fully as you can.