Tapping Into The Energy Of The Universe

Each day some part of the aliveness outdoors seems to touch my soul.

I wish you all could walk with me in the stream as it enters the ocean and feel the flow of both forces.

If you could only encounter the silence in the forest up behind where I live you would know more about the stillness within.

When a whale breaches, you could leap with excitement as I do to such majesty and be reminded of what is true of your own expansiveness.

On the dark clear nights we are neighbors in the Milky Way as each of us walks amongst the stars. For a moment you can feel those heavenly bodies inside of you as they are in me. 

My spirit soars when the sun sparkles across the Pacific surface like a blanket of diamonds waiting to cover us all in our dreamtime.

For just this moment let your Self experience the unity of all things, the pure joy of appreciation, the lightness of being from the same source of all of creation, the great love of all humanity, and the infinite possibilities of the now.

Now let’s walk together as the dancing spirits we are.

If you want to be fully alive there are simple practices that will expand your energy if you have the intention/desire to do so and are willing to focus your mind’s attention on them.