Soaring To New Heights

In the late afternoon yesterday we headed up to a high point along the coast a place we love to visit. As we made it to our favorite viewing point we looked out to see a beautiful white crested eagle soar in the updrafts right past us. I watched it carefully imagining that I was able to follow the currents of life as this graceful and power bird does. Like a surfer riding a wave or a skier riding a mountain, I wondered how do I move more in alignment with the greater forces of the universe?

What guides my alignment, is it my body, my will power, my intuitive knowing, my spirit? As I made note of this soaring creature, I saw a body intelligence guided by its senses, I saw an intuitive anticipation and the freedom of it’s spirit to be uplifted naturally. The bird was flying by being in touch not by mental process. 

If I were to close my eyes now and tune-in to the flow of the world around me, I would be guided by that flow, by my intuitive feel for what was going on, and my mind would be more the processor rather than the decider.  My spirit always wants me to soar so I know it would quickly inform my alignment. 

Tuning in is such a joyous way to live especially if the mind can be persuaded into an observer role giving up its power to the more instinctual and intuitive aspects. Me as flow seems so much more powerful than me as thoughts seeking control.

Now imagine your way, your path of least resistance. Are you more comfortable with the predictable, the concrete, and the tried and true? Or are you a flyer, an explorer and risk taker? Do you figure things out or listen to what your instincts tell you? Do you know how to find the currents of life and let them point the way?

Now imagine a place in you and your life that would benefit from a more inner-guided approach, a place looking to connect more with the flow of the greater rhythms of the world you travel through. Allow yourself to feel, sense, see and touch in with this flow and then align with it. You know you are connected with the flow when you feel carried along by waves of energy and inspiration.

Are you ready? Okay let go and soar.