How To Be True To Yourself (Even When Your Life's A Mess)

If you listen inward you will hear a voice that calls you.

If you take the time to listen, you will hear the love and wisdom of that voice.

This is the voice of your higher nature, your soul/spirit, your intuitive knowing. This kind voice is calling you to be yourself. (Note: If the voice is not “kind” it is the voice of your ego-mind, be aware the ego’s agenda is very different and may have gotten you into the mess you are in.)

Sometimes you find that you have created circumstances in your life that are not working. Your soul’s voice is there to help you change those circumstances or move on. Other times this knowing voice may lead you to something within waiting to be expressed, or towards whatever healing you may need.

This intuitive voice is calling you to be true to yourself. True in a sense that: you more fully discover who you are; you better understand what your truths are; and you learn to live in greater alignment to what is best for you.

Everyone loses his or her way at times. When this happens you need to redirect your focus from what is not working towards what you can do to make your life better. Once you commit to changing things, you will be provided the guidance you need if you listen inward. The voice of your soul is always available to help you live by your greater truth.

A simple practice to assist in hearing your soul’s guidance:

Take a few minutes and focus on your breath, soon your mind will start to slow down.

As your mind slows down begin to listen for the still wise voice within.

Once you make contact with this voice, ask for assistance. Your soul always wants to help you.

Listen carefully, ask any questions you have, and be patient.

As you are guided take the time you need to write the guidance or insights you receive. Enjoy the relief of knowing where you are going.

Now, as best as you can, live by that guidance.

Be open to guidance all along the way simply by putting yourself into a situation that will make listening possible.

Soon your life will be heading back to where you want it to be and you and your soul can breathe a deep sense of relief.