Earthquake, Blogging Bootcamp and Abstract Art

Are you ready to shake things up? Does it seem like it's time to make some changes in your life?

Sometimes when energy starts to move it has the capacity to shake up everything, including it seems the Earth.  Recently a small earthquake happened off the coast not far from where I live and the house did a two-step shift as the hair on my arms jumped to attention. What is very interesting about that shift was that something seemed to have shifted inside also. I may be over crediting the earthquake.

Do you ever under-appreciate or give too much power to outside events? What do you believe about your own capacity to make the shifts you feel will enhance your life?

A second recent big shift has been this information packed web bootcamp for building a business for bloggers. That is a mouthful of “b’s” isn’t it?  I now know I have been craving more information and direction to get me excited about making my living blogging and helping others. I feel inspired by great ideas and the vibrant purpose of the two presenters.

What new ideas are you exploring? Where are you receiving fresh and valuable perspectives?

One final mini jolt to my psyche was a trip to the Portland Art Museum where I had a re-encounter with the works of the great modern abstract artist, Mark Rothko.  His paintings are so powerfully deep and impactful in the simplest of ways. The aliveness of the paintings and people who were dabbling in the perplexing expression of his art, touched a forgotten note in me. The appreciation of art has the ability to raise you and I to a higher vibration.

What kinds of creative expressions uplift you? In what ways do you express yourself creatively?

These three events/circumstances have stirred me and challenged me to be fully engaged in the profession of writing and serving others in more creative and powerful ways. My new insights encourage me to do life with both greater boldness and more focused attention. No more careful intentions. It is time to make things happen.

Where are you holding yourself back? How are being too cautious or not moving forward with boldness and clarity?

What I know how to do well is sit with others, listen and invite awareness and change. What I am learning now is how to do this on the World Wide Web. I love the challenge and am excited about all the shifting going on.

What is urging you deep from within to come out into the world? How can I be of assistance?

Note: My blog posts will now be on Wednesdays. Listening to the advice of my professional blogging experts, I am reducing my blog post to once a week. I am focusing on several other writing projects. I look forward to share those with you as they unfold.