How I Got Over Myself and Started Writing With a Clearer Voice

Yes, I am on a mission. But now I realize my mission is not about me. I have come to understand my mission is to be here to support and encouragement your mission.

The ego-mind is always on a mission to convert people into followers (translation – have control over them.) It can seem like such a higher calling for those who are ministers, rabbis, priests, nuns, monks, gurus and other mission driven professionals. However, if the ego is in charge, the calling is more toward self-power than toward empowering others.

You know the type. They show up on TV, in lecture halls or even where you go in search of nourishment for your soul. They seem to mean well but they want control. This control may be in the form of telling you what truths to believe, or what rules to follow, or act as if they are spokespersons for God. In truth you understand your soul’s needs and can open immediately to communicating directly with whatever idea of God you have.

Being on a mission can seem so important that your mind takes itself too seriously. I know my mind at times has taken itself too seriously. I have believed my truths were more truthful than others. That need for more control often pops up as I watch what’s going on in the world. There are so many things I would change. Now I see this is my agenda - my wanting power over what I have judged as not okay. Just the judging alone tells me my ego-mind is involved in the inner conversation.

Yes things appear to be a mess for many of us. That “mess” is as much a product of the ego-mind both as a judging mind and a mind driven by the desire for more power. Two higher solutions are needed for this mess made by the ego-mind.  Rise above the judging and power seeking and instead follow the ways of the compassionate heart and the more conscious mind.

My invitation to you is twofold:

1. To expand your mind, keep it open and go in search of your own truth. An expanded mind liberates you from the inner suffering you cause yourself and frees you to be accepting and understanding of those close to you and in the world.

2. To open your heart to its infinite capacity to love, have compassion for all beings, and be accepting of the richness of diversity and points of view in your fellow brothers and sisters. Could it be that your purpose (like mine) is to spread your heart out into the world through acts of support, caring and kindness?  

I am getting over myself and my desire to change anybody. Each day I go in search of deeper truths and do my best to have a loving and compassionate heart. I know acceptance, understanding and love are the best ways to be in the world. Yes my writing will still encourage growth and change because that is what makes us feel most alive.

Over the five years of my blog and the more than 1600 posts, I have much of the time been wise enough to get out of the way of my higher mind and let it do the writing.  Now that voice is as clear as it ever has been.

My work today is to assist you in expanding your mind and opening your heart in ways that work for you. Who you are is a gift to the world.

I am here at your service. If there is any way I can support and encourage you:

  • Having more love in your life
  • Moving away from suffering
  • Finding the courage you need to do what is calling you
  • Expressing what needs to be expressed
  • Expanding your mind to find your peace and higher knowing
  • Developing inner security and positive self-acceptance
  • Making healthy choices

My book Awaken has 100 question designed to help expand your mind and further open your heart. You can order it by clicking here.

You are the expert about yourself and your life. I have expertise on helping you be you more fully. What’s your intuition telling you lately about your needs?