How Jon Morrow and Johnny B Truant Helped Liberate My Entrepreneurial Spirit

It happened quite by synchronistic accident. As I was checking my emails while wandering down the hall of misdirection and ineffectiveness, a passing note caught my eye. I stopped and without a moments hesitation, knew that this is just what I needed – An online Bootcamp for Bloggers. I have come to trust my intuition and this time it was jumping up and down on the sidelines of my mind cheering me on. 

By my nature I am a seeker. I love learning and awareness.  When the light goes on I’m elated to see the world painted with the freshness of good ideas.

Jon Morrow and Johnny B Truant are entrepreneurial gurus with lots of good ideas who bring the passion of their hearts into what they do. Jon and Johnny do what they do with great energy, leading the learning flock down the path to blogging business success. They both share stories of courage and determination that will inspire the best in those who have the opportunity to learn from them. They have become wise because of their own journey of learning and awareness.

I have been on a mission since I started my blog the Explore Life Journal five years ago. That mission is to be a bigger force for positive change in the world.  My method is to expand minds and open hearts. Their ideas are going to help make my mission more successful.

Jon & Johnny both obviously have their own missions of making a difference to their readers and those that have the opportunity to share in their ideas. They too are agents of positive change in the world.

Without a doubt:

  • Both incite and encourage more out of those they encounter and that enriches us all.
  • Both are clearly free spirits driven by their passions.
  • Both have learned to be successful in ways that make them feel alive.
  • Both do things out of the ordinary, push the rules, and even invent new ones.
  • Both understand the power of resistance and realize the importance of putting distraction aside.

Like Zen Masters, they understand the need for a focused mind.

The change-the-world-idea seems to be part of the shared consciousness in these times we live. Maybe it’s our individual voices that need to be heard as a choir of human possibilities. I suspect they share with me, the idea that we all have more in us to be expressed and that expression has genius. This genuis is needed in the world today.

Jon has such a richness of expertise and ideas that my pen never rests when he shares his knowledge. He has strong beliefs in the human capacity to overcome limits and create what matters. He talks about the motivation we need to make things happen, to get things done.

Johnny has a kind of swagger that he is going to do things his way, his own brand of excellence. He provides a fresh, rambunctious and wise perspective.  He likes to use colorful words because he seems to sense the primal nature of our desire to survive and if possible thrive.  Johnny is a rebel with a cause.

If you want to be successful, you do what works for you. That is what Jon and Johnny do. Actually some of the latest neuroscience suggests that having compassion for yourself is a great motivator, and that self-awareness will bring light to what motivates you the best. This is where real success blossoms in the honoring of who we are and the implementation of business methods that work.

The strong voices of Jon and Johnny, both encourage the voice in all of us to be clear and expressive. Their love for writing validates blogging. Their clarity of strategies are strong guidelines for getting our messages out there in the world.

These guys are real and awesome. Their message is that each of us in our realness and awesomeness can be successful too. There is hope and ideas that work and now I know where and how to move forward. Thanks Jon and Johnny so much for sharing your journey with all of us.