66 Moments of Choice Sure To Set Your Life On Fire

Exploring life is what I write about. As you explore the following choices be aware that they have great power in shaping who you are and how you live your life.

The choices you make every day will either fill you full of light or send you down in flames. Some will be less dramatic but each choice has such influence over your sense of self and the kind of impact you have in the world. 

The following are 66 of the moment-to-moment choices you are given to explore on a daily basis. Choose wisely; be guided by your intuition, your heart and your higher nature.

  1. You can throw caution to the wind or you can live tentatively
  2. You can love with all your heart or protect and play it safe
  3. You can dance and feel fully alive or move carefully and feel safe
  4. You can live in appreciation or spend too much time complaining
  5. You can push yourself or settle into the familiar
  6. You can swim with the flow or fight upstream
  7. You can be open to many points of view or insist you're right
  8. You can be critical or accepting
  9. You can have fun exploring ideas or hold firmly to your opinions
  10. You can see life as a grand experiment or chaos you need to control
  11. You can laugh often or take yourself too seriously
  12. You can enjoy creative expression or do what is safe
  13. You can be spontaneous or do what you always do
  14. You can go in search of your own truth or adopt the belief systems of others
  15. You can keep things simple or keep too busy
  16. You can question your thoughts or be run by false thoughts and beliefs
  17. You can keep your body fit and healthy or ignore it and hope everything works out okay
  18. You can free yourself of worry or worry non-stop
  19. You can choose to be happy or choose not to be
  20. You can sit quietly and know yourself or let your noisy mind run you and be unaware of who you are
  21. You can have fun and enjoy life or focus on what is wrong
  22. You can be with your spirit in nature or join a church
  23. You can sit quietly or get up and raise a ruckus (this one works both ways)
  24. You can stand for what you believe in or make little difference
  25. You can love the one you are with or wish for someone else
  26. You can listen with compassion or wait impatiently for your turn to talk
  27. You can smile and spread light or frown and dim your brightness
  28. You can walk in peace or be in a hurry
  29. You can laugh often or hardly ever
  30. You can celebrate all aspect of life or not be excited about anything
  31. You can fume with anger or change your thoughts
  32. You can fall asleep in a peaceful state or your thoughts can make you toss and turn
  33. You can be encouraging of self and others or discouraging
  34. You can live being grateful or never be satisfied
  35. You can enjoy your own company or fear being alone
  36. You can appreciate beauty or not notice and miss out
  37. You can offer support or put people down
  38. You can be okay with what is or be upset with what isn’t
  39. You can judge everything as good or bad or explore and enjoy what is
  40. You can be inclusive or exclusive
  41. You can value differences or reject them
  42. You can seek freedom or be imprisoned by your thoughts
  43. You can heal the past through forgiveness or carry it with you
  44. You can open to the light or live in the darkness
  45. You can be live with great passion or contain your expression
  46. You can be guided by your higher mind or by your ordinary mind
  47. You can grow and learn or be dissatisfied with yourself
  48. You can be open and expand or close and contract
  49. You can walk in the stream of life or stand on the shore
  50. You can live in the gift of the now or in thoughts of the past and the future
  51. You can let inspiration flow through you or cut it off
  52. You can find your meaning and purpose or be confused
  53. You can push past resistance or be stuck and immobilized
  54. You can live in love or be dominated by fear
  55. You can believe in you as amazing or argue for your limitations
  56. You can recognize you as a spiritual being or be stuck in your human drama
  57. You can take responsibility for your life or play the blame game
  58. You can love and accept yourself fully or be ill at ease.
  59. You can direct your own mind or let your thoughts run you amuck
  60. You can acknowledge and respect your feelings or ignore and deny them
  61. You can cultivate the garden of your mind or let it be a weed patch of confusion
  62. You can be at peace in the moment or be impatient
  63. You can enter the ocean of consciousness or avoid getting your feet wet
  64. You can be positive and energized or negative and worn out
  65. You can take care of your well-being or not care about yourself
  66. You can explore your potential and genius or be bored with who you are

Each choice throughout the day is a powerful one. You can move towards love and be more open and expansive or you can move towards fear and close down and be protected. The more you chose love, to grow, to seek your truth, the happier and more fulfilling your life will be.

If you listen inward, you always have the awareness, intuition and knowing to choose wisely.