How To Live Centered In Your Heart (Even In A World Where Fear Dominates)


I look at the world and feel the need for love. You know because you can feel it too. You and I can live from our hearts. These time call for us all to have compassion and to open to love.

The fearful mind sees a fearful world. The news feeds our fear. Many around us are run by their fearful thoughts. But is fear a more powerful force than love?

Love is the practice of ultimate power because it means both you and I can walk the earth with a heart that is receptive, expansive and courageous. In our wisdom, we understand that love is the clear solution to all problems that exist in the world.

With love as the guiding principle there is no need for all the human suffering and troubles. Love can set us all free.

Love frees you and I from this need to judge, to make everything and everybody either right or wrong, good or bad. This is very liberating. It allows us to be with others in ways that are truly more alive and fun.

Our compassionate hearts can find solutions to anything.

How do you develop an ever-expanding heart? This practice of power takes courage and sometimes means going against the prevailing ways of fear and withdrawal.

Here are four ways to expand you heart:

1.  Focus on caring and compassion in everything you do. Ask yourself am I doing this from a place of love?
2.  Practice radical acceptance of all differences and be open to finding common ground. Walk the path of love with everyone.

3.  Find your own heart by appreciating who you are and what you have to give to the world. Love you as you are now.

4.  When in fear focus on something to love. Move from contraction to expansion, from being closed to open.

Over the next few days explore these practices and see how they feel in your heart. Monitor your heart in every situation and see if it is open or closed, expanding or contracting. This will give you information about how and when you love and when you don’t.  See what you can learn without placing a good or bad label on it.

Your heart, your love, your compassion are powerful and very needed today. Together let’s create such a force for love that the world changes for the better.

One last powerful idea and exercise you might find touches your heart in a deep and profound way. You could love the entire universe and everything in it and still have more love to give. Imagine that! 

Here is an exercise to explore that endless love:

Find a quiet place to sit comfortably and get in touch with your heart. Feel your heart beat and imagine it colorfully glowing with warmth.

Imagine the glow of the heart filling your body so that each particle and cell is now glowing. Feel the healing power of such love.

Now see the loving glow surrounding those you love and let them bask in the warmth and healing energy.

Next imagine the glow of love filling everyone in your community and across your country. From there imagine the power of your healing love covering the entire planet.

This love in you can heal the planet too. Then let your love expand to include the entire universe and as far out as you can imagine. Now you are beginning to feel your capacity for love. Is that amazing or what?

Now bring all this love back into your heart and imagine spreading it everywhere you go each day.

Practice this loving heart visualization as often as you can. Watch your heart open to a love that can transform you and the world. This ever-expanding, limitless love is wonderful gift to share with all those you encounter.

Please share as much as you can. Be the power of love and let your heart shine.