Taming The Roaring Noise Of Anger - Simple Solution # 2

The follow is another short concise self-intervention. Take a few minutes to give this anger shifting technique a try.  You will appreciate how quickly anger becomes a manageable emotion.

Don’t deny or ignore anger. Acknowledge it. Simply acknowledging it changes it from a monster in the closet to an awareness of energy in motion (emotions).


Feel What You Feel


This emotional charge shifts when you say to yourself, “I feel angry.” Making this statement turns the jagged buzz of anger to a hum in moments.

Once you admit to being angry, you see you have other choices. You can turn away, change your thinking, let go of needing to be in control, or whatever else will work. Now you are free.

One quick energy balancer – when a powerful emotion like anger is disrupting you, go for a walk. Let the disruptive feelings flow out of you and bring yourself into a more harmonious state of being.