How Will Smith Convinced Me To Joined The Men In Black

I met Will Smith in my mind of possibilities. He is universal being much like you and I. He stands out because he has played a number of interesting and meaningful characters in movies like: Independence Day, Hancock, The Pursuit of Happyness, Ali, The Legend of Bagger Vance and The Men In Black series.

In Men In Black as Agent J he plays a confident guy with cool tools and “big guns.” I would join the Men In Black in a minute if I could have a neuralizers.

There would be many positive things I could do with one of those memory erasering neuralizers. They could be used for eliminating old limiting ideas and beliefs, any traumas that still reside in the body, and other pain from the past that hold my client’s back. The neuralizer would be useful for bringing healing and peace of mind to many people. That would be really cool. 

I already have “big guns” that I use to teach people in their fight against the bad guys within. These bad guys include: old stinky thoughts, puny beliefs, yucky blocked hearts, slimy and slipper self-talk, icky stuck meanness from the past, and bloated bodies of discontent.

One of those neuralizers would be a great addition to the big tools I carry in my black case of weapons of mass instruction.

Here are the “big guns” I carry with me and I offer them to you knowing that if you use them they will improve the quality of your life.

Nowness – keeps you wired into the present moment where all the fun is. When you learn to live in the now, much of what you want in life is made available to you. Living in the here and now makes your life very dynamic and alive.

Giant Heart – is about free love beyond the 60’s. This is the kind of love that has the power to resolve all the problems of life and the world.  As you open your heart and let your compassion guide you, life becomes so much more alive. Spreading love feels so purposeful.

Higher Mind – is the mind inside that takes you higher, beyond the ego fears, into expanded states of knowing and being. An expanded mind leaps over the chaotic thought patterns we too often get stuck in and shows us what is really possible. This wise mind is the source of true knowing within you.

At Home With Self – is about actually being aware of what is going on inside, knowing what you are thinking and feeling. With this mindful awareness you take charge of guiding your life and making things happen. Being at home with who you are brings confidence and a deep sense of inner peace.

Soul-Powered – is about living without limits, exploring the “far out” in you that is infinite and eternal. Your soul is your direct link to the source of all creation. Your guiding soul can bring great light to empower your fullest expression.

With these tools in your briefcase, you too have the superpowers of one who is in charge of their own life. You run your own show, are the lead character and you produce the outcomes you want.

I hope to meet you somewhere soon. You might not remember after we’re done but have-a-smile-on-me when you realize things have changed and your life just works a heck of a lot better. I will be smiling too. 

I’m going shopping for my black tie and sunglasses.

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