No-Doubt Peaceful Warrior

I have been bothered by self-doubt most of my life. I thank the 12 years of Catholic Schools as one of the major contributors to this deeply rooted lack of belief in myself. At the base of this belief runs a mixture of ideas that there is something not okay about who I am.

First off I want to say, I know this old message is a bunch of mind-noise BS but that doesn’t stop it from rising inside of me from time-to-time.

Through years of personal introspection and my work as a mental health professional, I have come to understand that the ego-mind uses self-doubt as a way to remain in charge. If thoughts of self-doubt are consistently part of my psyche, I am more readily under the control of my ego.

Ego does what it thinks will keep you and I safe. As you may know the ego runs a tight ship and fear is its guiding force.  If I doubt myself, I play the game of life carefully. I do my best to not stand out. I avoid controversy. Does any of this ring-a-bell for you?

I love and accept my ego-mind. It is only doing what it is wired to do. I however, have access to more expanded states of being including my heart, my higher consciousness/wise mind, my intuition, and the voice of my soul. 

When I hear the voice of doubt within, I can instead turn towards the infinite possibilities of my higher mind, my heart and my soul. I can live in expansion not contraction. I can be expressive instead of cautious. I can rise above my ordinary mind and be guided by higher consciousness.

Lately as I have been traveling the road of a major life transition, I keep on bumping up against a reoccurring set of questions and ideas. These questions and ideas pertain to an ongoing dilemma I feel inside. That dilemma is that I am both of this world and a spiritual being.

The “of this world” part of me is very much a social critic of what needs to change for a better world. I feel driven to make a difference.

As a spiritual being, I am a lover of life and believe in the importance of a positive mindset (inspired by Eckhart Tolle, the Abraham/Hicks’ perspective, Positive Psychology and Eastern Wisdom and other uplifting and optimistic points of view.) I want to bring positive intention and attention to my difference making.

When I see things both as personality and spirit I am able to see what is not okay, acknowledge it and bring my higher capacities to engage in being a positive force in creating a better world.

What do I mean when I say, ”no-doubt peaceful warrior.”  My sense is that this idea can serve as a guiding principle for me to live in the world.

My understanding is that I want to step past the doubt through mindful awareness and go about my work as a peaceful warrior. I speak up for what matters. I do so with the best frame of mind and the ongoing realization that we are all connected.

What ultimately matters is being true to myself. Then self-doubt is less an influence. Being true to self means I respect my own deeper understandings, my intuition, my reading of situations, and my desire to express myself in meaningful ways.

When I respect and appreciate who I am, I can serve others in positive and expansive ways. As a no-doubt peaceful warrior I trust my ability to make a difference and I walk the path of service with passion and purpose.

Parting of being a healthy person is the life-long exploring of what life presents to us. 

What ways does self-doubt or other inner messages trip you up?

How can I be of assistance in supporting your strong and positive responses to the challenges you face?

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pps. just wanted to remind you, that you are awesome and I would love to hear how you are doing.