I Have This Vision Of The World I Want To Share With You

Recently I have been sensing in my heart and spirit that the time is ripe with possibilities for a major transformation on the planet. The need for real change is something most of us feel at a deep level of our being. What do you sense/know of the importance of this moment in human history and what part do you see yourself playing?

Keep this in mind. Everything humanity has created began as a thought, an image, or a moment of insight or inspiration inside our minds. There are endless wonderful creations (art, design, music, dance, compassionate acts and much more) and a number of things we messed up on (war, believing our fears, politics, the greed agenda, and many more). 

The point here is that we created all this - both the wonderful and the less than wonderful. So we can recreate or create anything that would be beneficial to all of us. There really is no known limit to human creativity.

I want to invite you to join me (in your own way) and we can be co-creators of a better world. The best place to start is in our own mind. Together, one mind at a time, we can turn the light on. We can start planting the seeds of change inside and then join with others to create well-being for humanity and the planet. 

Our minds create vibrations that spread out quietly influencing each other and the collective consciousness.

Together we can help lift each other up and make the world work better for everyone.

The following is my initial seed planting effort in the form of a simple visualization. Each day I will carry in my mind these hopeful images:

I see the expansion of consciousness and compassion flowing though all humanity - hearts opening and minds expanding.

I see and feel inside of me the vibrant energy of this vision and sense its capacity to expand across the planet touching each human being.

These higher vibrations become so powerful that collectively:

  • We are awakened to a greater potential in all of us
  • We bring an end to war
  • We lift up the lives of each other in empowering ways
  • We co-create a rich flow of abundance and prosperity for all
  • We work together to help take care of Mother Earth.

What really energizes visualizations are seeing, feeling, sensing, hearing, what it is we want to create. Then add a big helping of highly charged emotions like enthusiasm and joy. And send it all through the heart and out into the world.

Now we have a powerful combination of mental energy, activated senses, and passionate and courageous hearts to send our positive picturing of the kind of world we all know we have the potential to create.

Please join me. I know we can make a difference together.

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