How To Have More Blessings In Life Then You Can Ever Count

If you took the time to count your blessing each day you would be surprised by how many positive, wonderful moments there are. I recently began an experiment in which I looked for blessing coming my way.

This experiment came from an e-book called E Squared by Pam Grout (available on Amazon). I suggest you join me in this experiment. There are also eight additional experiments to help you prove that your thoughts create your reality.

Also, over the last few months, I have been slowly enjoying a book titled, The Gentle Art Of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand. I’m using these ideas as a guide for exploring the practice of blessing others and myself.

When you bless others you can imagine sending them light, love, joy, peace, healing and flow. Everyone everywhere would appreciate these kind gestures of thoughtful intention. These outward actions are not in the context of religion but more about assisting others to more fully express who they are.

I have been drawn to the idea of blessings with the belief that they can make a difference in the world.  Making a positive difference seems more important than ever. Does it to you also?

Counting your personal blessing is about being present, noticing, and fully appreciating the gifts of the here and now. When truly present there are little moments of joyful expansion, of pure wonder, of enlightening insights and of hearts on fire about life.

Why not pay attention to what graces your life moment-by-moment? Below are possible blessings you may miss in your busy day.

Blessings of:

* Each breath as your life source

* The wondrous love you receive as you interact with the world

* The grace in moments of insight and self-awareness

*  Being uplifted by the excitement of beauty

*  Sensing inspiration rippling through you

*  Intuitive flashes knowingly guiding you

*  The jolt of a powerful idea as it expands your mind

*  The whispering wisdom of your soul’s voice

*  The sensation of jubilant expansion as you greet a dear friend

*  The throbbing of your heart as you push past fear

*  The silence of the infinitely precious now

*  The sound of the ocean or a stream inviting your own flow

*  The heroic kindness of another

*  The delightful moments of peace on a walk

*  Passionately singing a song that speaks loudly to you

*  A smiling face looking your way

*  The pure joy of opening to your surroundings

*  Letting go, releasing and the simmer of relief

*  A restful nap in the afternoon and its gift of renewal

*  The kind supportive touch of another

*  The magic of lifting others with your words

*  A surge of “Yes” as you feel creativity flow through you

*  The sensational taste of a delicious bite

*  The release and recharge of a deep breath on a busy day

*  The energy rush after a good workout

*  The delightful satisfaction of a completed task

*  A fond memory warming your heart

*  Exciting ideas that raise your life a decibel

*  A growing passion that drives you purposefully forward

*  Appreciation for the unfolding of all that you are

*  The happiness of joining a friend in celebration

*  Each time you jump past a belief or idea that for too long has locked you in mediocrity

Curious thing is that the more you pay attention to what blessings are coming your way, the more blessings appear.

There are so many grace filled moments going on every day. All you have to do is bring your attention to the now and fully take in this richness of possibilities there waiting for you.

You can enjoy these precious little uplifts almost anywhere including: as you begin your day, in front of your computer, in a conversation, walking your dog, waiting in line or sitting down to write a note to a friend.

PS. My new book Finding The Voice Of The Soul (soon also an e-book) is a doorway into understanding how you can be a positive difference maker in the world. Join me and let your soul guide you to your highest and more expansive expression for the good of every human being on the planet.