33 New Life Directions That Will Rock Your World

I want to suggest that you consider the possibility that it’s time you take real charge of your life. It’s time to more fully understand who you are, what you want, and how you are getting in your own way.

Most of who you are is learned and much of it has been helpful in moving you to where you are now. However, big chunks of it have been holding you back, slowing your progress or even road-blocking what you feel deep inside is right for you.

You may know this but a reminder is helpful – you could be living the way your parents want instead of how you want. You could be attempting to avoid what happened in the past in hopes of avoiding failure. You could have life altering desires crammed into the backspaces of your mind because they don’t fit according to the rules of life you’ve learned.

You have the emotional baggage and false programming of growing up even if your family was ideal. You have learned lessons that taught you false truths that you have yet realized.

As a young child trying to make sense of the world, you made decisions about living based on inadequate information, undeveloped logic and the immaturity of your age.  In other words, too often you falsely interpreted things you learned. Those misunderstandings still guide you day-to-day.

A simple example: You may have interpreted that you were not okay by interactions you had with your parents. Many of these interactions were often shaped out of their own issues and had nothing to do with how you behaved. Yet you read these difficult encounters as caused by you. They were not. But they still formed your view of the world.

I have worked with many adults who were involved in addictions and were victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. They developed very skewed ideas of normal and of who they were.  Your ideas of normal may not be as abnormal but still can be very limiting.

Needless to say there were many circumstances, lessons, reactions, biases, and even cultural and religious trainings that misinformed you or that left you confused and lost. These shaped you falsely.

What all this leads to is that who you are today may be less of what you want to be, and more of who you think you should or have to be. The good news is that today you can start the process of re-examining the past messages and instead replace them with your present understanding and wisdom.

No fault is intended here. No blame is necessary, however now is the time you can remake your life through the wisdom of your own self-awareness and intuitive knowing.

The most exciting part of this is that your options are limitless. You can start immediately remaking your life as you want it to be according to what you know in your heart or soul is right for you. You become the conscious creator of your own reality.

The following list contains new life themes you can utilize as you begin rewriting your life story. Survey this list with a pad and pen in hand, note which ones resonate with you, listen to the deeper voice of knowing within:

You are now the happiest person you know.

Your life is full of love.

Your life is constantly expanding in wonderful ways.

You totally love and accept yourself.

You live in the rich and joyous flow of life.

You feel totally free to fully express who you are.

You now walk the Earth in peace.

Each day is a joyous expression of who you are.

Your soul’s voice now guides you to the most amazing experiences of living.

You are filled with aliveness as you express your creativity.

You have now tapped into you inner genius and fearlessly enjoy its expression.

You live in the endless joy of being.

You are one with the ocean of consciousness.

All limits have dropped away and you are totally free to express all that you are.

Your unique expressions of who you are enrich everyone you meet.

You live in the grace and endless possibilities of the now.

You have a passionate purpose and live it boldly.

You heart radiates compassion and kindness.

You live in harmony with the beauty and wonder of nature.

You walk the path of effortless manifestation.

You have awakened to your expansive nature.

You live in the presence of the Divine.

You live in the flow of prosperity and abundance.

You appreciate and value all that you feel.

You live in the realization of oneness with all of life.

Your thoughts are positive, supportive and encouraging.

You follow your bliss and live a wonderful life.

You make a positive difference in the world.

You are a conscious, insightful and self-aware human being.

Your mind is expanding and your heart is open to love.

You listen with empathy and speak wisely.

You have lots of fun in the joyous moments of the present.

You enjoy meaningful relationships with others.

You can take the list you made and chose which themes to focus on. Explore these until you have one or several that matter most to you. With your theme(s) in mind you can begin immediately writing your life forward.

Each day is a new day. Yes there will be old themes, conditioning and beliefs that linger but as you become more tuned-in and self-aware, you can consciously choose whether to carry these ideas forward.

It’s a very invigorating feeling to take charge of your own existence. Let your journey become a delightful creation.

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