Let's Start With Awareness

I walked the makeshift log bridge across the stream this morning with my mind congested with thought. I kept trying to clear my thoughts or at least slow them down so I could be present to the beautiful sounds of the birds singing. I knew my mind was busy because I was paying attention to what I was thinking. This paying attention is awareness. I was aware of my thoughts because I paid attention to them. As I write this, I am aware of the my stomach filled with a smoothie, my fingers touching the key board, the house creaking and other things going on. I am aware of these things because my attention went out to notice what was happening. When I experience my feelings, I do so because I have my attention on them. These moments of awareness allows me to be awake in my world, to know what is going on inside of me and around me.

The benefits of awareness are many. If you are aware of your own thoughts, feelings, desires, needs etc. then you can more easily shape the life you want. If you are aware of others, their feelings, needs and desires then you can more easily be in relationship with them. If you are aware at work you can better meet the expectations of your boss and be a highly functioning worker. If you are aware of what is going on in your country and government, you can be an informed citizen who can make a difference. With awareness, you are awake to what is going on, what needs to happen, what you can do to improve your life and those around you. Awareness is empowering.

Let’s talk about awareness at even a more highly tuned level so you can sense how deep this knowing can be. If you really pay attention, you might even sense the pull of the moon on the tides, or feel the change of seasons, or notice the you body interactions on a particle level with all that is around it. You could know the part of you that was there before your were born and will continue after this life. You could even be aware of the wisdom of your cells that contain the entire history of life on the planet if you learn to listen deeply inward. Awareness is powerful.

Awareness is made possible through your intention to be awake and present to what is going on in you and around you. The more you are awake and present the more you will be aware. Here are two methods to help you be more aware:
1. Take time to sit quietly and observing your feeling, sensations and thoughts. Then expand that observing and slowly feel and sense what is around you. This will bring you more awareness.
2. When in a busy place, bring your focus to your body as you move through this busyness. Notice what is going on in you as a response to the circumstances. Feel the energy of the place and be open to what others are experiencing. You might be amazed at what you can become aware of as you tune in.

Please feel free to post a comment about your own exploration of awareness.