Finding Your Own Way

This day started out so sunny and spring seems to be in the air. I was walking down along the stream and was making my own path at times because of muddy snow remnants. I noticed that I often prefer to make my own path. This is definitely a metaphor for my own life. Following the path of others is not something I feel drawn to do. I have my own beliefs, my own relationship with a higher power, and my own ways of seeing the world. I question much of what is going on. My truths are uniquely mine. I tend to reject my social conditioning in favor of my own expanding viewpoints. Over time I have let go of much of my need for approval, which has given me more freedom. I am creating and living my life the way that feels right to me.

How do you find your own way? Are you following your inner guidance or the conditioning of your childhood? Take some time to ask yourself these important questions:

1. What do you value most in life? List 10 values that are important to you today. Then list the top 5 in order and explore living by them.

2. What is do you believe about God and religion? Do you have your own beliefs or are they ones you learned and need to further explore now in your life?

3. Who are you? Are you your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your past, your personality? What if who you are is beyond all the parts?

These are just a few questions to get you going on finding your way in life. Actually what other way can you live but the way that feels right to you? A happy rewarding life comes from following your own path. Living your life and your truth is powerful and purposeful. The more you honor your own inner knowing the freer you are to be fully yourself. The whole world will benefit from you being you as fully as possible. If you don’t, everyone looses out. Those you love will benefit too because they will be with you at your best. Find your own way and love lots as you go.