May The Force Be With You

Yesterday I wrote about political stuff and sometimes I feel like my self-development readers may get a bit tired of that but I hope not.  Today I want to talk about finding your center.

Your center is where you imagine it to be.  Most martial arts place the center below the navel around beltline.  Why is it important to know your center?  The center is your balance point and you place where all movement starts.  You cannot take any physical action without beginning with your center.  If you value feeling balanced in life your center is important.   If you want to move from strength then you need to move from center.  

Explore the following visualization for the next few days and notice how it makes you feel both in your body and about your sense of self.  I think you will be surprised by some of the affects.

Close your eyes and breathe with awareness.  Notice the movement or your breath into your body and back out again.  Feel your body expand with the breath in and relax as the breath flows out.  Do this for a few minutes.  With each cycle of the breath you naturally relax a little more.  

Now imagine you are breathing down all the way into your center.  Feel the body expand as the breath penetrates deeply.  Imagine the power of breathing into your center.   Fill your whole body with this forceful energy that is empowering, relaxing and healing.  Releasing the breath is for letting go and relaxing.  

Then imagine that your breathe directly from your center as if you are breathing in and out through your navel area.  Let that breath continue until you feel it fully.  

Now visualize that the force of breath coming from you is like a fire hydrant being turned on.  Allow yourself to experience this incredibly powerful force that can influence the world around you.  Again feel this breath until you fully experience the force.

After you feel the force, begin to relax your breath and yourself and in a few minutes bring yourself back from the visualization.

Remember the feeling of the force and practice it often.  Get to know yourself and the force for good that flows through you.  Take the force out into the world and make a difference in whatever way that force guides you to do.    

May the force be with you