Take A Moment To Appreciate Yourself

The next few days I am going to be on the road to visit my Dad who is turning 80 and there is a big party planned.  I look forward to seeing my 3 brothers and 2 sisters, my Dad and other family and friends.  My blog will most likely be sporadic on my trip through Monday.  If I get a chance to write I will.

I am approaching 500 blog posts in the next few weeks so I don’t want to slow down my momentum that has continued strongly with lots of energy and inspiration.  You know how it easy when you got a flow going and string of successes, you just want to keep things going.

What is working well for you in your life these days?  Is it taking care of yourself through exercise, feeding yourself healthier foods, enjoying life more, having success in career and/or business, being a loving partner, having more compassion for others, expressing your creativity or what else do you do well?  I ask this question because most of us are less than good at acknowledging what we do well.  If you don’t appreciate yourself how would you expect others to appreciate you?

Take some time in the next few days to make a list of what you do well.  Pay attention to even the small stuff like brushing your teeth regularly, paying your bills on time, loving you pet, showing up to work daily with enthusiasm and the many other positive things you pull off day in and day out.  Noticing what you do well will encourage you to keep up the good work and may even challenge you to push yourself toward more successes.  

You are amazing whether you realize it or not.  Please appreciate all you do well and continue to do so.  Keep up the good work and enjoy yourself for what you do accomplish, for who you are and for the gift of each day.