Questions That Need To Be Asked With An Election On The Way

As you know I am all about asking questions and encouraing you to get involved in your life, this country and as a planetary citizen.  Here are some questions that need to asked as we all consider the future of our nation.  Important questions with a presidential election coming soon:

What are your biases?
Do you believe everything you hear and read?
Do you question mainstream media; if not, why not?
Are you able to sort out the truth for yourself?
Do you need to have others tell you how to vote?
How to think?
What to believe?
Have you had enough of this war?
Is our nation’s role to kill as many Iraqis as possible in the name of their freedom?
Should we continue our occupation of Iraq?
Should the rich be given more tax breaks than you?
Should oil companies be given tax breaks to insure huge profits?
Do you really believe that high oil prices have nothing to do with record profits?
Should those with the most money for influence be dictating policy in Congress?
Should the president be held accountable?
Should the president be allowed to pocket veto?
Shouldn’t the Congress and the President represent the needs of the people?
Are you tired yet, of the government being run by fear mongers?
How come there are so many Americans in prisons and we keep building more?
Have you heard of the secret prisons being built, the prison ships, the CIA prisons in other countries?
How come so many Americans are on medications?  How come many medications cause people to take more medications?  Drug companies have huge profits at what cost to people?
How come every other modern nation has universal health care and the US does not?
How come conservative religious fanatics in this country are allowed to influence the political process?
How the 5% of the people have 90% of the wealth?
How come banks basically are allowed to steal from their customers with fees and inflating rates in credit cards and mortgages?
How come the health of the Earth doesn’t matter to the leaders in the White House when it matters in most other nations?
Are you getting tired of the endless lies that come from politicians?
Do you believe Americans should support torture?
Is it ok with you that your government is spying on you?
Do you still believe in Democracy?
Do you believe that people can make a difference?
Can we count on our government to make a difference?
How do you have in mind to make this country and our planet better?