Sunday Contemplation About Emotions and Dreaming

Today was a restful day and I have taken most of the day to feel this stream of emotions that have been flowing through me.  I more and more realize that I must tune into when my heart is guiding me, when my instincts are showing me the way, or simply pay attention to the times of not knowing, or emotions erruption.  That is all part of me and it is not always smoothly packaged and pleasantly affable.  My neck sometimes tells me I feel heavy, my stomach tells me I feel fear or anxious, my shoulders feel weigthed down at times by the world.  All of this is in me and I am one with all living things.  So I have to believe that I too am affected by all the others who share the consciousness of earth.  I don't mean to sound out there, I am speaking of the knowing inside.


I hope your weekend has been a good one.  I came upon the following quote and thought I would share it with you today because it is so full of possibilities.  See you back here tomorrow.  Have a peaceful, passionate and prosperous week.


"The moment one begins dreaming-awake, a world of enticing unexpected possibilities open up.  A world where the ultimate audacity becomes a reality.  Where the unexpected is expected.  That's the time when man's definitive adventure begins."   Florinda Donner