What Is Obvious To You

I realize that my blog can seem like a weird blend of mostly ideas about self-development, being conscious, and living with purpose and weekly my progressive political questions, ideas and rants/social criticism.  I see them as totally congruent with who I am.  I think anyone interested in self-development would have an open mind (which is the definition of liberal), have the ability to question the status quo, and find their own truth beyond the barrage of misinformation and ingrained faulty beliefs of our society and religious establishment.    If that is an inaccurate assumption, I am open to feedback from you my readers.

I happen to believe deeply in the potential of my fellow human: to see beyond the surface; to know intuitive what is right; to innate live with a greater purpose in mind; to know what is the higher wisdom; to live optimistically in a world that has gone off track; and to understand the power of compassion and love.  I also believe that the greater culture we live in tends to be wiser than the sheeple class that is lead around by arrogant people who claim they know directly from somebody they call God.  This God they claim communicates with them is the same delusion that caused the Crusades and a long history of wars up to an including the war in Iraq.   Under this present leadership of misguide power thirsty fear dominators, we the people must stand up for the higher good which seems obvious to anyone who can think and feel on their own.  

The obvious is:

That war is insane and starting one is insanity
That power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts totally
That influence through money leads to the compromise of democracy
That God is personal, not the phony force misused by men in lust for power
That love and compassion for each other is the higher way
That hate only creates more hate
That we are all deeply connected to each other in hopes, dreams and desires
That the care of the planet is all of our responsibility
That those who spread fear are using it to have power over others
That most corporations put profit before people
That if we leave others to suffers on the planet we all suffer
That in each person is an unlimited potential and a unique purpose
That the time is long overdue to fully wake up and be a conscious
human being
That belief in yourself is a powerful way to live
That you being authentic is a gift to everyone
That the mind is very powerful because it can rationalize the worst behavior and imagine the best in human possibilities
That being quiet is a doorway to true enlightenment

What is obvious to you?