We Have Arrived In A Beautiful Place

It is late last night as I write the first draft of this.  We have arrived at our new home and are very grateful we made it.  The 24 hours of driving turned out to be 35 hours of agony at times.  The big rental truck was a bear to drive sometimes scared the sh_t out of me.  At one point it started to sway back and forth so much I thoughts I was going to lay the truck on its side in a ditch.  Another time when one of the dual rear tires blew and I had to wrestle the beast to the side of the road.  We made it safe - YES!!!.

Now as I edit this I am sitting at my desk looking out the window at the ocean (picture from my desk of Oregon State Parks - Bob Creek Wayside across the street from our house) on a bright sunny day.  Have I died and gone to heaven?  The walk this morning on the beach with my wife and our dog Pax, was so much fun.  Pax got to have his first encounter with the ocean and we enjoyed walking in awe of being in such a beautiful and healing place.

I feel so glad to be here because even though my wife is very uncertain, I know this is where we both need to be on many levels.  There is very strong intuitive sense the there are major expansive shifts waiting for each of us as we settle fully into the now of this place and the circumstances that brought all of this into alignment.  I will share more as we explore and express the evolving expansion of consciousness and compassion that awaits us.

What I feel most in this moment is a peacefulness of having arrived at where we are suppose to be and a calling to explore deeper contemplation.  As we do the unpacking for the next few days I will often walk over to the beach at sit quietly and just be present.  Soon when everything has found its place.  I will walk and sit for hours on the beach and in the incredibly lush forest and let nature heal me from all the pain and suffering of those that I have worked with.  After a month or so I will know how next I can be of service to others.   

Peace and happiness to you.