You Have Been Sent To Make The World A Better Place

The world is in trouble.  Many have prayed.  God sent help.  God sent you.”  I saw this quote last night over at Facebook by Marianne Williamson.  This made be wonder, how can I more fully step into my unique purpose and expression to make the world a better place?  The world does need you and I to step up to the purposeful reason we are here at this important time in the history of humanity.

How do we step up?  How do we claim our power?  How do we let out consciousness and compassion be our guiding forces? What are the unique gifts we have to offer?  Can we believe in ourselves enough to do what we are here to do? 

The solutions lie not in the political process, in eliminating government, or any other conventional interventions.  The way to a better world is with you and I:

Each of us must open their minds and hearts so they can let light and love flow through them out into the world
Each of us must set their ego’s aside and let their higher nature be the guide
Each of us needs to find their quiet wisdom inside
Each of us needs to expand into their potential and open to what is infinite and eternal within them
Each of us needs to humbly seek the way to serve others
Each of us must find the determination to walk boldly into the challenges and be a force for positive change
Each of us must find their own way to inner peace
Each of us must express their uniqueness for the betterment of society
Each of us must closely examine their own beliefs that are too often mistaken and very limiting
Each of us must go in search of their own truth and move away from the opinions and judgment of self and others
Each of us needs to find their way to their own freedom
Each of us would benefit from choosing happiness as the way they want to be in the world

Are you ready?  Let's go forward with grace and light.