Why Your Addiction To Doing Is Sabotaging Your Life

If you want to know if you are addicted to doing, here’s the test: Take 30 minutes and do nothing. Watch how your body reacts. Notice where your thoughts go and notice what feelings get stirred up.

As you do nothing: your mind races, your body feels uncomfortable and your emotions are like a rollercoaster. Just like the addicts I use to work with in my previous job.

Actually these reactions are not generated by a true addictive withdrawal but more by the ego-mind feeling it’s loosing control.

Why Love Matters More Than Anything Else In The World

LOVE is really all that matters. Let your heart feel the truth of love. Imagine a world filled with love and more and more hearts everywhere open to love.

All these article and seminars about finding purpose, searching who you are, and what to do with your life can be distilled down to one simple truth – your purpose, who you are, and what matters is to spread love with an open heart everywhere you go.

Love can solve all the world’s problems.

Insights From Being With My Dad On His Final Journey

I lost my father on Monday. He has battled heart disease for many years. He was a kind, generous person who was outgoing and very involved in his community. We often saw the world very differently but he always had unconditional love for me. Everyone needs someone like that in their lives.

Sometimes I asked him too many questions about his ideas and it made him uncomfortable. He was a person who had a strong faith in what he believed and didn’t like different points of view. My nature is one of curiosity, inviting new perspectives and encouraging the search for truth. 

How To Stop Resentment From Killing Your Relationships

Have you ever stuffed a feeling just to keep things okay in your relationship? The answer is YES. If you deny you have, we need to talk because you are either a saint and I can sit at your feet and learn or (I am betting on this second one) you need to get help identifying what you feel.

Resentment is a secondary emotion generated by unexpressed feelings. The more you deny, ignore, or push down your feelings the more resentment you gather in your body.